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5 Threats to Consider When Pointing Surveillance Cameras

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Surveillance cameras are used by many folks all around the globe for security and surveillance purposes. But while you point your surveillance cameras, you need to ensure that this pointing doesn’t pose any security threats. While pointing surveillance cameras, these few threats can be experienced. Read on to find out the most common threats that should be considered while pointing surveillance cameras:

  1. Pointing Your Camera Right at Your Front Door:

Although there are security patches to overcome hacks like Hikvision hack 2017, it is highly unlikely that someone can hack into your surveillance camera. However, it is advised that you don’t point any camera right at the front door or a place, which shows your address. In case your camera system gets hacked, at least the perps won’t be able to easily identify the location.

  1. The Camera Is Pointed in a Direction Where the Hacker Could Identify Your Routine:

Many people have a daily routine with fixed leaving hours and coming back hours at properties that are surveilled by surveillance cameras. If a hacker has access to the cameras, they can easily know your daily routine and plan an attack on your property. Therefore, ensure that you vary your routine whenever you can and try to point the camera in such a direction that it is almost impossible to get a hold of your daily routine.

  1. Not Having Enough Cameras for Pointing:

If you don’t carefully plan the setup of your cameras, then a potential perpetrator could find the blind spots of your camera setups. Therefore, when pointing cameras, you need to ensure that they make such a grid that the entire property is covered during surveillance and there is no cold spot or blind spot through which the perp could sneak in.

  1. Pointing External Security Cameras So That Internal Rooms Are Also Visible:

The actual point of cameras is to keep an eye on intruders trying to break in and not for the hackers to see you when you are most vulnerable. The external security cameras shouldn’t be able to view into the house, especially a child’s room, bedroom or even a bathroom.

  1. The Camera Is Pointed Towards Your Vehicle Lot:

In case of a hack, the person who is monitoring you could easily guess that you are out by looking at the cars that are present in your garage. If any one of those cars is missing, it means that you are not at home.

Avoid these camera pointing mistakes and use the surveillance cameras the way they are meant to be.

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